1. Fundraising , to help associations/clubs


“ClubSupport.eu”(SteunJeClub.nl) is an organisation that wants to help associations and clubs obtain additional funding.

“ClubSupport.eu” asks employed persons to hand in one holiday day from their employer (which corresponds to an extra days work) and donate the monetary value of this day to an association or non profit organisation of their choice.

In the Netherlands. “Clubsupport.eu” have asked the Dutch Government to allow that the monetary value be donated tax free.

A globall roll out of this idea? What’s your opinion? Please mail to: info@steunjeclub.nl

2. Fundraising in case of disasters

Many people want to donate in case of disasters such as the Haïti earthquake, the Chernobyl disaster, Catharina New Orleans, the Tsunami, etc. But for many peopel it is difficult to donate ‘out of pocket’.

To hand in a holiday day (which corresponds to an extra days work) and donate the monatery value of this day in an disaster fund might be an idea.

Ask Governments worldwide to stimulate and to participate, to make it possible in future to donate the monetary value of this day tax free in case of (inter)national disasters.

A global roll out of this idea? Please mail your opinion to: info@steunjeclub.nl


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